Monday, March 5, 2012

NRTE Day 13


Today was day 13!  I cant believe how fast Lent is passing!  Another great day at the gym.  I had a few changes happen along the way.  My gym/work buddy was going to meet me for Iron so I wanted to switch up my days for bootcamp.  I wanted to do a cardio day and switch the weights plan to tomorrow.  So I set out to do an interval run.  It was going good til I had to jump off the treadmill to set up for class.  I wanted to get right back on but the treadmills were all taken.  Then when I finally did get on my buddy called as she was circling the parking lot…and had been for 5mins.  She said screw the gym so I set back at it to finish up.  Then I skipped Iron because its not as fun alone. 

This was the first time I did any sort of interval thing for running.  I really liked it.  It got my mind off how far I was running and before I knew it I was done with 5+miles! 

I picked my goals for this week to be drinking H2O and taking my multivitamin.  I am horrible with keeping hydrated.  I do okay during the week because I always drink over 40ozs at work but on the weekends I never drink anything close to enough.  Then come Monday I have horribly chapped lips from being so dehydrated.  It is so dumb of me but I don’t know why I do it.  So I am trying to make an effort to knock it off!  Taking a multivitamin is new for me.  I have tried taking them in the past but have always felt horrible from them.  No matter what time of day I took them.  So the last time I was at Sams I saw adult gummy vitamins and wanted to give them a try.  CG thinks its silly but at least they don’t make me sick!

Time for dinner!  A spinach salad and tuna.  Very exciting.  But back to back 5mile run days wears me out and I don’t want to cook!

Tomorrow I do a weights workout and I am honestly nervous about it.  I am hoping I don’t chicken out because I am super shy at the gym and don’t want to look like a fool!  I did find out the Ladies Only area at the gym has the equipment I would need so I think that might be a good place to try out first! 

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