Saturday, March 31, 2012

Rest of March….3 races in a week!

So life once again got super real.  And by real I mean “busy”.  I usually have too much fun living it to keep up with writing about it.

The good news is I have almost been perfect with my NRTE plan.  The only oppies was this week when I started throwing up Monday night and laid on the floor for most of Tuesday and Wednesday!  I did make it on Thursday but rested some more on Friday.  So pretty sure 3 days out of all of it isn't too bad! 

The bad news is my tummy still isn't at 100%.  And I had to break off from the best body boot camp plan but a new week starts soon and I have a chance to get back in the game! 

So on to race recaps! 

1st up was the NWO 5k in Findlay.  Bard and her friend Audra were running it so I tagged along to test out my legs.  It was a flat and FAST course.  I was shocked when the group took off and didn’t look back!  I just kept asking when they were going to slow down.  So if you cant beat them join them!  And join them I did! 


Speed demon!  For me that was quite a clip!  I was happy and shocked.  Yes the course was short and they didn’t have chip timing.  So do I count is as a 5k or not?!  If so it’s a 2+min PR! Oh and almost forgot…a 9yo boy made me look stupid at the finish line by racing me to the point of me wanting to vomit.  That’s the last time I encourage some one who starts walking 100yards from the finish! 

The very next day I did the Greenswell Sharon Woods 5K. with Jessica  This was the first “trail” race I have ever done.  It was fun but so hard! 


Much slower but for sure not flat!  Part of the course was in the woods on a chipped gravel trail and the other part was through grass.  And it rained the few days before  I was covered in mud up to my knees!  But it was still a fun race.

Today I did leg one of the Scioto Miles training races.  It was so much fun.  Remember how I said I was sick at the beginning of this week.  Yeah my issues are not 100% smoothed out so when I woke this morning food was the last thing I wanted.  I managed about 2 bites of my normal prerace fuel, a clif bar, and decided to take some Jello to chug on the way.  I made it to Cosi and carried my Jello with me which got me some strange looks and questions.  In case you wonder, not proper fuel for a 10k. 

After I verified I was indeed signed up for the 10k it was time to take off.  The first 1/2 felt okay but I knew my body was not going to enjoy the second loop.  I so wanted to head on in at the 5k mark but I wouldn’t let it happen.  I did take a Gu with me but with nothing in my stomach I knew it wouldn’t sit any better than running on no fuel was doing for me.  I managed to keep moving, only stopping to walk up 2 small hills for <0.2miles worth of walking.  I am glad I did because it was enough to get me through those last couple of miles.  Here’s the crazy part: PR.  FTW. 


Granted the only other 10k I have done was the Flying Pig last year and is much hillier and I did throw up there In love.  I really look forward to running the 2nd leg in April and hope I am in shape to really test out my legs!  I would love to get my 10k pace down below 10min miles and with the way I have been doing I should be able to!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

NRTE Day 15

Over 2 weeks done. Shocked but going string. Today was planned a 2 mile run. Since it was a gorgeous day Jessica and I decided to meet up at a park to run. I was happy to have the company. We ran 2 at a comfy pace then walked another mile. It's been a long time since I've had an outside running buddy. I didn't have any extra boot camp planned today so just the 2! Tomorrow is either a circuit or a cardio block. Excited to do another circuit. I can for real feel yesterday's!
The rest of my night involve a nice piece of pie CG brought me from his meeting last night. Yum! BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

NRTE Day 14 & Day 2 BBBC


After yesterdays run following the run the day before I was nervous as to how my little legs would feel.  They are holding up well so far!

I had planned to go right to the gym after work so I wouldn’t have time to overthink it and in hopes it might be less busy and I could do my workout in peace.  So I made sure I packed a snack at work.  Then my GS cookies showed up!


Which one would you pick?! 
Well I do not like samoas so those are actually for CG.  And I went with the Luna bar.  Never had that flavor before.  So yummy.  I have been wanting lemon desserts for awhile now and that hit the spot.

I did the workout from the boot camp and didn’t feel like a loser.  I made myself at home in a corner with my equipment and finished up with some cardio on the AMT.  New season of Veronica Mars! 

Now I am working hard at making dinner.  Have asparagus cooking, making mashed cauliflower and turkey sausages.  I am starving and its not close to done yet! 

Things I need to do

3 Clean spare room.  Have company coming this weekend.  Talk more soon about it.

2 Clean the bath room.  OMG I am a gross girl its not even funny.

1 Get back into the countdown habit! 

Monday, March 5, 2012

NRTE Day 13


Today was day 13!  I cant believe how fast Lent is passing!  Another great day at the gym.  I had a few changes happen along the way.  My gym/work buddy was going to meet me for Iron so I wanted to switch up my days for bootcamp.  I wanted to do a cardio day and switch the weights plan to tomorrow.  So I set out to do an interval run.  It was going good til I had to jump off the treadmill to set up for class.  I wanted to get right back on but the treadmills were all taken.  Then when I finally did get on my buddy called as she was circling the parking lot…and had been for 5mins.  She said screw the gym so I set back at it to finish up.  Then I skipped Iron because its not as fun alone. 

This was the first time I did any sort of interval thing for running.  I really liked it.  It got my mind off how far I was running and before I knew it I was done with 5+miles! 

I picked my goals for this week to be drinking H2O and taking my multivitamin.  I am horrible with keeping hydrated.  I do okay during the week because I always drink over 40ozs at work but on the weekends I never drink anything close to enough.  Then come Monday I have horribly chapped lips from being so dehydrated.  It is so dumb of me but I don’t know why I do it.  So I am trying to make an effort to knock it off!  Taking a multivitamin is new for me.  I have tried taking them in the past but have always felt horrible from them.  No matter what time of day I took them.  So the last time I was at Sams I saw adult gummy vitamins and wanted to give them a try.  CG thinks its silly but at least they don’t make me sick!

Time for dinner!  A spinach salad and tuna.  Very exciting.  But back to back 5mile run days wears me out and I don’t want to cook!

Tomorrow I do a weights workout and I am honestly nervous about it.  I am hoping I don’t chicken out because I am super shy at the gym and don’t want to look like a fool!  I did find out the Ladies Only area at the gym has the equipment I would need so I think that might be a good place to try out first! 

NRTE Days 10 & 11 & 12

I have been trying to post the past 2 days but the app I use on my phone didn’t want to post!  So I will just do it all now that I have time to sit down at my lap top.

Friday was a non running day so I wanted to do a cardio “triathlon”.  My plan was 15mins row, 15mins bike and 15mins elliptical.  But the rowing machine was never free so instead I did 15 bike, 15 AMT and 15 stair machine!!  The evil stair machine.  I actually was proud I got on it for the first time ever at the gym.  Worked up a sweat!

Saturday I had a 5 mile run planned but unfortunately my plans got derailed by a sick mom!  I ended up spending almost 8hours in OSU’s ER with her.  Not a good time but we made the best of it.  Brought out Kindles and got our reading on!  She is okay and doing much better today!  When I got home it was after 8 and all I wanted to do was go to bed.  But I really didn’t want to miss a workout day.  So I pulled out Bob’s book again and did a light circuit in my living room which watching some trash tv.  I slept good after that. 

Sunday I had to make up my 5mile run.  I did 4 on the treadmill while watching the next to last episode of season 2 of Veronica Mars.  OMG its getting good!  So excited to get onto season 3 but I will be so sad when it is over.  Then I have to pick a new show! 

Today marks a new challenge for me!  I am off to camp!

I kept seeing different of the blogs I read talking about it and I figured what's 25bucks if I can learn something and make a commitment! 

Now how to figure out things like adding links to my page…..I am not exactly a smart blogger…

Thursday, March 1, 2012

NRTE Day 9

March 1, 2012

Made it to March.  Made it another day on my workout plan.  Today was a 4mile run day on my schedule.  I ended up doing 2 on the treadmill and then 2 on the track at the gym.  The treadmill was in 18:58 while the track I did 19:20.  Not my best but with the way the rest of my day went I was fine with it.  I lost my pedometer at work today .  That’s what I get for not using the safety strap.  Then I was eatting a Lara bar on my way home from work and got to the 2nd 1/2 and found that it was growing some white fuzz.  Yeah it was past it use by date.  Opps.  Havent thrown up yet but it instantly make me want to ralph on my car! 

So February was a pretty good month for workouts! 


That would be 55miles I ran for the month and that green little arrow means my fastest run!  I didn’t realize my run yesterday was my fasted I have ever documented!  My legs are feeling pretty good and my body overall is pretty happy with the plan.  If only I could get a handle on my grubbin!  I ate an entire Piada bowl tonight…even though I was full long before I was done.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

NRTE Day 8

Leap day!

One week done, only 32 days to go!  I am still shocked at how easy I have found it to keep it up!

Today my training plan was to do 2 miles.  And who am I to argue with a plan!  This morning I woke up to thunderstorms so when I left work to find a pretty day I knew my miles would be outside!  My goal was to run the loop and see if I could get my pace closer to 9min miles.  Since it was 2miles I knew I could push myself to run harder than I do for longer runs. So do ya think I did it…..


BOOYA!  Yeah I killed it.  Nonstop, positive splits but I so picked it up at the end of the 2nd mile to make sure I would finish it under 9min/mile too!  I honestly wanted to puke afterwards and wish I had enjoyed a snack before the run.  Need less to say its been a good February for me! 

Once I got back I wanted to do some strength exercises.  I consulted one of my recent library pick ups:


I figure since one of my biggest plans in life is to be on The Biggest Loser, I should probably start doing his exercises now so when I get to the ranch I will be set!  I just went through and did a bunch of upper body exercises with 15reps each.  I probably did about 15 different moves.  Since I was just doing them as I thumbed through the book.  Next time I think I want to write down a plan first.  Maybe hit up the Pinterest. 

The rest of my night includes some DVR and Piada In love