Monday, October 10, 2011

Busy weekend

Quick catch up!

After a nice weekend out of town it is hard to get back into the swing.
Saturday morning I got up and moving to do a 6mile run.  It was a super nice day and by the time I was done it was quite warm.  Came home and got ready to get on the road to had to my grandma and grandpas.  My brother and his family were heading there too so it was nice to spend some time with all of them. 
Now is when i should be talking about how great the Buckeyes played but yeah moving on.
On Sunday I headed back north and went to my friends son's 6th bday party.  Lots of yummy food and a good time!  Came home and started working on a puzzle!  I know I live an exciting life!
Today was back to work for me.  I might live in Columbus but we could care less about his day!
But when I got home i did have a nice little blue package waiting one me!

I work doing floorsets at AE and after 5 years I got to pick out a really nice gift.  The funny thing is I haven't ever been able to wear earrings until wedding number 7.  I wore earrings all night and felt fine!  So I wanted to try with a real pair and when I got to pick a gift I thought it would be a good time to try my ears out!

Workout summary
I was hoping to make Sunday nights when I do a workout summary for the week but that didn't happen last night.  I was pretty busy with my puzzle!
S-12mile run 2:11:52
M-20mins cardio + 1hr Iron class
T-4mile run 40:59
W-30 mins cardio + 15min abs + 45mins Iron
H-5mile run(yikes walked part of it due to some issues) 59:14
F-rest day.  I excelled at this!
S-6mile run 1:01:56

Sunday should have been part of the prior week but you get the idea.  I will have to work on how I want to post things as I go

3 things to do this week!
Finish my puzzle!
Make some sort of pumpkin flavored treat.
Get my iPod ready for Sunday!!!

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